Hi-Res Posters

Hi-Res Posters
When we're talking about high-resolution images (which most often are posters of different sorts), the quality of its printing is critical. Doubt not and call us for print-outs of any size - from 15X15 to 500x500 inches!

Do you want to grab the attention of your audience with a large marketing tool? Call us at Clicknprint for high-quality, attractive posters to meet different advertising needs. We provide large format printing services to cater to the following needs:

  • Canvas
  • Coroplast signs
  • Special signs for an event
  • Roll-up banners vinyl
  • Real estate signs for sale or open house

We accept raw files in Adobe PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark and Photoshop formats with proper resolution and bleed settings to create eye-catching and functional posters to attract customers. Our large format products are ideal for movie posters, presentations, signs, floor graphics, window displays and flip charts. You can use them for advertisements at trade shows and conferences.

You can learn more by calling our experts. Contact us at info@clicknprint.ca or (905) 905-501-1900 to request a quote for large poster printing projects.

Order online: https://www.justclicknprint.ca/posters

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